Winter Themed Gym Games

Winter Themed Gym Games
Winter Themed Gym Games

Winter themed gym games are awesome ways to keep children entertained during the chilly season or any time of the year. They offer an exciting blend of physical activity and fun winter themes that capture the heart of the season. In this article, we’ll unveil some wonderful winter-themed gym games that will engage and entertain your children or students.

Why Include Winter Themed Gym Games Activities And Games In Your Indoor PE Lessons?

Winter-themed activities and games not only break the monotony of traditional indoor PE lessons but also stimulate the creative minds of children, teaching them to associate physical education with fun and creativity. These games encourage teamwork, and strategic thinking, and even tap into a bit of seasonal cheer. Not only do these games provide ample physical exercise, but they also boost team spirit, and leadership skills and build a sportsman spirit. Incorporating themes, motivates the students to participate more enthusiastically and fosters a more engaging and interactive learning environment.

Tips For Setting Up The Winter Themed Gym Games Physical Education Activities

Setting up winter-themed physical education activities can be a bit of a challenge, especially when it comes to maintaining the balance between fun and safety. Here are some useful tips to consider:

  • Use Appropriate Materials: Always select materials that are safe for use in a gym setting. For a snowball fight, soft foam balls, or crumpled paper are good choices.
  • Incorporate Teamwork-Based Activities: Games like the Frosty the Snowman Relay Race and the Penguin Waddle Race emphasize cooperation and teamwork.
  • Keep It Simple: Don’t overcomplicate the activities. The key to making these winter gym games enjoyable and manageable is keeping them simple. Choose games that are easy to understand and quick to set up. This encourages children to stay active instead of spending too much time in setting up.
  • Rotate Activities Frequently: To keep kids engaged, ensure you rotate the activities frequently. This allows children to have various experiences keeping them excited and energetic.
  • Ensure Safety: Keep a close eye on the kids to ensure they’re playing safely. Clear the playing area of all potential hazards and brief kids on the need for safe play before commencing any activities. Encourage an environment of respect and fairness in every game. This helps build positive attitudes in children towards their peers and sportsmanship.
  • Explain the Rules: Before starting any game, ensure that the rules are clearly explained to all participants.
  • Provide adequate Rest: Make sure there are ample breaks for kids to rest and hydrate.
  • Promote Fair Play: Encourage a culture of fair play in every game. Make sure that all the kids understand the importance of playing fairly, respecting each other, and following the rules. This will not only help create a more enjoyable gaming environment but also assist in instilling lifelong values in children.
  • Personalize the Games: Tailor the games as per the group’s age and skill level. This might require a bit of preparation and creativity, but it will result in a more engaging and fun experience for the children.
  • Incorporate Learning: Make learning fun by incorporating educational elements into the games. This could be as simple as teaching team-building skills, enhancing strategic thinking, or learning about different winter animals during the Penguin Waddle Game.

Active and Engaging Winter-Themed Gym Games

sure can keep kids excited to participate during Physical Education (PE) hours, regardless of the chilly weather outside. The fusion of physical activities with themes of snowfall, ice, and winter animals brings a sense of cheer and breaks the routine of regular gym games. Apart from being fun, these games also inculcate values of teamwork, fairness, and sportsmanship among children. They learn to think creatively, strategize, and lead while also boosting their physical fitness. With conscious efforts to ensure safety, appropriateness of materials, simplicity, clear instructions, and regular rotation of activities, the teachers can help foster a positive, interactive, and vibrant learning environment.

1 Paper Plate Activate Winter Style:

This is a simple game that only requires paper plates and some music.

Overview: In this game, children use paper plates as ‘skates’ and slide around the gym floor. Start the music and let the kids ‘skate’ around. When the music stops, the kids must quickly find a designated spot to stand on. This game helps improve balance and coordination, as well as listening skills.


  • Place designated spots around the gym. These can be additional paper plates or specific markings. Spread out paper plates for each child to use as ‘skates.’


  • At the start of the music, kids begin to ‘skate’ around the gym using their paper plates.
  • When the music stops, they have to find a designated spot to stand on as quickly as possible.
  • The last one to find a spot is ‘out,’ and the game continues until there’s only one ‘skater’ left.

2 Snowball Scramble Winter Themed Gym Games:

Here’s another fun winter-themed game that kids will love.

Overview: Using soft white foam balls or crumpled pieces of white paper, the objective of the game is to gather as many ‘snowballs’ as possible.


  • Divide the gym into two halves and scatter the ‘snowballs’ across both sides. Form two teams and assign each team to a half.


  • On the whistle, kids scramble to collect the ‘snowballs’ on their side and throw them onto the opposing team’s side.
  • Kids can’t hold onto a ‘snowball’ for more than a few seconds—they have to keep them moving.
  • When the whistle blows again, everyone freezes, and the team with fewer ‘snowballs’ on their side wins that round.

3 Ice Cave Explorer Winter Themed Gym Games:

winter themed gym games-ice

Turn your gym into a mysterious ice cave and let the children become brave explorers.

Overview: The goal of this game is to navigate an obstacle course that simulates an icy cave environment. Children may need to crawl under ‘low ice ceilings’ (benches), climb ‘ice mountains’ (climbing equipment), or tiptoe across ‘thin ice’ (balance beams).


  • Transform your gym into an ‘ice cave’ with obstacles laid out that require a variety of movements to navigate.


  • Split the children into teams.
  • The team with the quickest cumulative time wins.

4 Snowflake Fitness:

This game involves various fun and simple fitness activities that children can do indoors.

Overview: In Snowflake Fitness, each activity is written on a cardboard snowflake. Children pick a snowflake to reveal their fitness activity and complete the exercise. The aim is to complete as many activities as possible.


  • Write different activities such as jumping jacks, sit-ups, squats, lunges, etc., on cardboard snowflakes and scatter them around a designated area.
  • Each child stands at a different starting point.


  • Split the children into teams.
  • The team with the quickest cumulative time wins.

5 Frozen Statues Winter Themed Gym Games:

This game calls for a fusion of freeze dance and a game of tag which keeps children on their toes and helps burn off some energy.

Overview: In this game, children dance around the gym while music plays. Once the music stops, they should freeze immediately.


  • Choose one child to be ‘it.’ They will be responsible for stopping and starting the music.
  • The rest of the children spread out across the gym.


  • When the music starts playing, all children (except ‘it’) should start dancing.
  • The moment the music stops, everyone must freeze in their position.

6 Bobsled:

winter themed gym games-Bobsled

This game imitates the thrilling sport of Bobsledding, stimulating teamwork and coordination among the kids.

Overview: In this game, kids form teams to ‘bobsled’ in a straight line across the gym floor. The ‘bobsled’ can be a set of connected mats, scooters, or other safe sliding equipment.


  • Set up a straight course with clear start and finish lines.
  • The ‘bobsled’ should be set up at the starting line.


  • Kids in each team stand one behind the other on the ‘bobsled,’ placing their hands on the shoulders of the person in front.

7 Winter Biathlon:

winter themed gym games

Inspired by the winter biathlon sport, this game encourages children to participate in two activities: “skiing” and “shooting”.

Overview: In this activity, kids will “ski” around the gym using paper plates or sliding equipment under their feet to mimic skis. At certain points in the course, there are “shooting” stations where they have to knock over targets (like stacked cups) using soft foam balls before continuing.


  • Layout a course in the gym with paper plates or sliding equipment for “skiing”. Place “shooting” stations at various points along the course.


  • When they reach a shooting station, they must drop their “ski” and attempt to knock over the targets with foam balls.
  • The first team to fully complete the course and knock over all their targets wins.

8 Hockey Shooting:

Winter Themed Gym Games

This game brings the excitement of hockey indoors with a focus on shooting goals.

Overview: In this game, kids practice their hockey skills by trying to shoot a soft foam ball into a goal as many times as possible within a certain timeframe.


  • Set up small hockey goals on either side of the gym.
  • Provide each player with a foam ball and a hockey stick.


  • Players take turns or play simultaneously attempting to score goals.
  • Players are only allowed to shoot from behind a designated line.

9 Ski Jumping:

Winter Themed Gym Games-Ski Jumping

This game will have children demonstrating their broad jump skills, with a winter sport twist.

Overview: Kids use a mat or a designated space to jump as far as they can, mimicking a ski jump.


  • Assign a starting line and measure the distance from where the children will be jumping.
  • Mark out the distances in regular intervals to help measure how far each child jumps.


  • Each child takes a turn to run up and perform a ‘ski jump’ from the starting line.
  • The child who jumps the farthest is the winner. Make sure everyone gets multiple attempts and encourage improvements with each turn.

10 Winter Wonderland Obstacle Course

winter themed gym games

This game brings the excitement and beauty of a winter wonderland indoors. The aim is to complete an obstacle course set up with winter-themed elements.

Overview: Kids navigate through an obstacle course set up with elements like “frozen lake” (blue mats), “snow drifts” (pillows or bean bags), “ice caves” (tunnels), etc.


  • Set up various stations across the gym, each representing a different winter challenge.
  • Each child starts at a different point on the course.


  • At the whistle, all children start their journey through the winter wonderland obstacle course, navigating as they see fit.

11 Frosty the Snowman Relay Race:

winter themed gym games-frost

This is a fast-paced game that encourages teamwork, coordination, and overall fun. Inspired by the need for speed when building a snowman, this game will certainly keep the energy high.

Overview: In this relay race, each team must build a “snowman” at a designated spot using materials provided, such as cardboard boxes or inflatable balls, and then return to tag the next person. The first team to complete their snowman wins.


  • Set up a designated area for each team’s “snowman” with all the necessary materials.
  • Each team lines up behind a starting line.


  • Each player from a team gets a turn to race to the “snowman” spot, add a piece of the snowman and then race back to tag the next person in line.

Benefits of winter themed gym games

Winter-themed gym games can offer several benefits for children, including:

  1. Physical Activity: These games promote active engagement and exercise, helping to keep children physically fit during winter months when outdoor activity may be limited.
  2. Motor Skills Development: Many of these activities assist in developing fine and gross motor skills as children navigate through different tasks and challenges.
  3. Teamwork and Social Skills: Certain games foster a sense of teamwork and help improve social interaction among children.
  4. Fun Learning: These games provide an enjoyable way to learn and engage with the winter season, even inside the warmth of a gym.
  5. Problem-Solving Skills: Some games involve obstacle courses or require strategy, which can help improve children’s problem-solving abilities.
  6. Creativity: These winter themed gym games can also ignite imagination and creativity, as children make use of resources in an innovative way to achieve the game’s objective.
  7. Coordination and Balance: Games involving “skiing,” “skating,” or any activities needing balance can enhance coordination and stability. These skills are important in everyday tasks and in playing other sports.
  8. Persistence and Resilience: Games where children get multiple attempts to improve, like ‘Ski Jumping’, foster a spirit of persistence and resilience.


Winter themed gym These games are not only fun but also help children to practice essential physical skills like coordination, balance, and agility. Making use of familiar winter themes, these activities can bring excitement and much-needed physical activity during the cold winter months, or any time you want to inject some winter-themed fun into your routine. So bring out the “snow” and let the winter games begin!

FAQs: About Winter Themed Gym Games

What equipment is needed for these games?

The equipment varies from game to game, but generally, materials can be found around the house or classroom such as cardboard boxes, inflatable balls, foam balls and hockey sticks, beanbags, and mats.

How many players are needed?

The number of players can vary based on the game. Many of the games can be adapted to accommodate any number of kids, and some games work best with teams.

Are these games safe for young children?

Yes, these games are designed to be safe for children.

Can these games be played at home?

Yes, most of these games can be adapted for play at home. Just ensure there’s enough space and that the area is safe for children to move and play around in

In what ways are these games beneficial?

These games help children to develop their coordination, balance, agility, and accuracy. They also encourage teamwork, strategic thinking, and competitive spirit.

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